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Episode 07 will come in Dec 19, 2017 - 4 days left
01 Reunion
Tuesday Nov 21, 2017
Six teenagers, who were friends but broke up after the death of their friend Amy, come back together and discover that their parents aren't who they thought they were.
02 Rewind
Tuesday Nov 21, 2017
On the day that the teenagers find out what their parents are doing, Geoffrey deals with a threat to his power, Victor tries to perfect the box, Tina uses her magic staff to seal Amy's room, Frank ask Leslie for more influence in the Church, and Stacey makes brie.
03 Destiny
Tuesday Nov 21, 2017
After the events of the previous night, the teens split up to find evidence confirming their suspicions. Nico finds Tina's staff, and Gert and Chase find the dinosaur in the Yorkes' basement. Meanwhile, Catherine questions Molly about whether she was in Geoffrey's study or not.
04 Fifteen
Tuesday Nov 28, 2017
Victor tries to make up for his screw-up, while Gert and Karolina team up to prove their parents' innocence. Meanwhile, Nico prepares to go to the police and asks Alex to go with her.
05 Kingdom
Tuesday Dec 05, 2017
After their not-so-fearless leader is taken, our kids spring into action. Alex discovers long-buried secrets about his dad, as the kids uncover new truths about themselves.
06 Metamorphosis
Tuesday Dec 12, 2017
During PRIDE's gala, the kids set in motion a new plan to take down their parents for good. As the evening unfolds, everyone's personal drama threatens to derail their plans.
07 Refraction
Tuesday Dec 19, 2017
08 Tsunami
Tuesday Dec 26, 2017
PRIDE tries desperately to clean up their latest mess without involving Jonah. But can they handle this on their own?
09 Doomsday
Tuesday Jan 02, 2018
The Runaways are feeling more fractured than ever when Molly arrives with a devastating message from her parents. Now the kids have to stop their parents before it's too late.
10 Hostile
Tuesday Jan 09, 2018
The Runaways face off with their parents. But when Jonah arrives unexpectedly with a new game plan, the kids realize they are in over their heads.


IMDb 6.7 60 min/episode
Follows a group of six teenagers in the Marvel universe - Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Molly Hernandez, Chase Stein, Alex Wilder, and Gertrude Yorkes - who discover that their parents are secretly members of a super-villain cabal called The Pride. After deciding they're no longer safe in their own homes, the kids go on the run. In the midst of hiding from their elders, the teens learn about themselves and become a family of their own.
Drama, Sci-Fi, Action
Virginia Gardner
United States
6.5 / 720 times
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